Breast Enhancement Serum

Natural Growth, No Surgery Needed.



Proven Effective

Increases breast size, provides nourishment, makes breasts more firm and improves the shape and contour of the female bosom.


breast enlargement

Perfect Shape

  • Increases the volume of breasts
  • Smooths the shape of the breasts and makes them firmer
  • Nurtures the skin on the breasts
  • Prevents skin from aging
  • Natural active ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Results in just a few weeks
  • Simple to use
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breast enlargement
breast enhancement


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Shaperfection is a natural cream that will enhance your breasts, smooth out their shape, and add sensual firmness. Shaperfection will help raise your confidence and give you the breasts you always wanted. Increasing the size of female breasts has never been this simple, effective, and risk-free.





I am exceptionally satisfied with Shaperfection. I completely surprised me! I also use it for my backside, and it is just as effective.

Helena, 41 years
I did not see my friend for 6 months, while she was an exchange student abroad. During this time I used Shaperfection for 4 months. When my friend got back, she asked me, if I got a breast job (the surgical kind :)) I let her in on the fact that I was using Shaperfection. Now she uses it too.

Anja, 21 years
"I got Shaperfection as a gift from my sister who knows how much confidence I was lacking because of my breasts. With regular use I quickly noticed the change. Now Shaperfection is a part of my ritual.”

Ann, 25 years
When starting to use the serum, I thought that 5 squeezes of the bottle, i.e. 2.5 g of serum was too much. Now I apply 2 bottle squeezes in the morning, and 3 in the evening. This makes the serum absorb faster, and it also works throughout the whole day. I am very satisfied with the results, and so is my husband. 

Nicole, 28 years
I received Shaperfection in a promotion and first used it only occasionally, a couple of times a week, when I had the time and energy. Even though the usage was below recommended, I noticed certain changes after a month of use. I noticed that my breasts stood more firmly, but were not really any bigger. I continued using the product every day for the next 14 days, and the size increased as well. The product definitely works. When I ran out of the serum I unfortunately did not have the money to order it again, but after approximately 3 months since the last application, I still have the feeling that my breasts are much firmer than before using it. I recommend the product, and will certainly order it again.

Erika, 35 years
"Years ago I used Xlines regularly, and was satisfied with it. Recently I tried the Shaperfection serum. Exceptional! I would not replace it for anything.”

Tanja, 35 years