How It Works
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Female breasts are mostly made from mammary glands surrounded by flank tissue. The Shaperfection serum is based on natural herbal oils that have been proven to have an effect on human hormones that promote the creation of fatty cells in the breasts and balance the glands through internal secretions in the body. Shaperfection stimulates the female body to begin producing fatty cells in the breasts. At the same time Shaperfection moisturizes the skin and increases its elasticity. This prevents the skin from aging and developing stretch marks.

As a result your breasts will be perkier and firmer, while your skin will be rejuvenated and smooth.

Shaperfection causes the female body to increase breast size on its own, and as a result the breasts maintain a natural look. The serum is completely safe for use, as it has no side effects. It only affects the part of the body where it is applied, which will make sure extra fat is produced exclusively in the breasts (while synthetic food supplements can cause hormonal changes in the whole body).

The Shaperfection serum is highly effective. You can expect the first changes on your body to be visible already after a few applications. With each additional application your breasts will become fuller and firmer, while the skin will be more firm and rejuvenated. After 3-4 weeks you can also expect a significant increase in the size of your breasts, which others will also notice. Your breasts will gradually increase while retaining their natural look, with no unwanted side effects.

The price of a bottle of Shaperfection is €60. Shaperfection will help raise your confidence and give you the breasts you always wanted. Increasing breast size has never been this simple, effective, and risk-free.

Using the serum is simple and does not require any expensive or complicated procedures. Shaperfection is available in 50 ml bottles, which is sufficient for 20-30 applications (30 days).


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Shaperfection will help raise your confidence and the breasts you always wanted. Increasing the breast size has never been this simple, effective and risk-free.